EMS Billing and HIPAA Information

EMS Billing and HIPAA Information

Canyon Lake Fire / EMS outsources all EMS billing to:

  Billing Address:


PO Box 180446, Dallas, TX 75218

  Phone: (877) 602-2060     Records Request     To obtain copies of your own personal EMS records or billing information contact Emergicon through the contact information above or contact the Administration Division at (830) 907-2922.     Protected Health Information:

Canyon Lake Fire / EMS is required by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to maintain the privacy or confidential health care information, also known as protected health information (PHI).  We as also required to provide you with a notice of our privacy practices regarding your PHI.  This notice describes your legal rights, advises you or your privacy practices and lets you know how Canyon Lake Fire / EMS is permitted to use and disclose PHI.